5 Proven Techniques to make an Effective Voicemail

If you are struggling with making your voicemails comeback, then you probably need to do more tweaking. Choosing the best voicemail message and some proven techniques will help you increase your sales. You don’t only attract more prospects, but you can also develop relationships and increase the number of your new clients.

Don’t even leave a voice message!

No matter how strange it sounds it is still better to talk to the prospective clients directly on the phone rather than leaving a voice message that you are not sure it will be returned. Try to call on different occasions during the day, especially on Fridays. People are more relaxed on Fridays since they are preparing for the weekends. This way, you can get someone on the phone. The worse day will be hectic Monday.

Make a script ahead of time

A voice message full of um’s and uh’s are more likely to be deleted than the message that is professionally delivered. If you receive a call from a person you do not know and you are too busy, you will not spend your time listening to a message that does not go directly to the point.

Additionally, there are three elements that you have to include in your script: focus on the benefit the client can get, leave your number gradually and two times, and do not say that you need their time.

Be clear and concise

The worst message you can make is introducing yourself and your company then asking for their time so you can get to know more about prospect’s needs. “Hi this is (Your Name) with (Your Organization), we offer shipping supplies and packaging. I would like to learn more details about your company and how may we be able to help you. It would be great if you can call me at 123-1234.”

It is still better to focus on the prospect’s pain-points and the benefits they can get. “Hi, (Prospect’s Name), this is (Your Name) with (Your Organization). We provide discounted shipping supplies and packaging. And while you are like the majority of companies spending an excessive amount on the same services, our clients save between ten to fifteen percent every month. Discover how you can save, just call me at (Gradually Leave Your Telephone Number.)”

When you make a voicemail, it is also better if you add that you will get in touch again if you do not hear from them in two days, but they can opt out of your list should they give you a call or send an email. Then edit your message should you feel that it is too lengthy.


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