Guide to Start an Online Business In Health Industry

Health and wellness have a wide market anywhere in the world. With the advent of the
internet, it boomed. Now, it is a $3.7 trillion industry and still has the potential for many
would-be entrepreneurs.

With just an internet connection, computer, and little or no startup capital, you can run
your own health online business.

Here is a simple guide to help you start:

1. Identify the most popular and profitable health niche.

Find out if it is in-demand in the market. You need to sell and you need people to buy it.
Study the trends of the health industry. Review the top products on popular selling sites or
the hottest talks in the social media accounts.

Check the following niches – weight loss, digestive health, diabetes, arthritis, anti-aging,
hair loss, skin care, back and neck pain, fatigue, healthy eating, reproductive health, and

2. Find the products that you will sell in your health niche.

Online business makes it easy for you to sell products or services without creating your
own or stock up an inventory. You have these two options:

  • Drop Shipping – You promote the products in your website and market it to your
    customers. You take the order and contact your drop shipping supplier, buy the
    product at a lower cost, and they will send the product to the buyer for a certain fee.
  • Affiliate Marketing- You market and sell the products through your website,
    Instagram, Facebook, email list, or blog. When your visitors or clients click the “buy”
    button, you earn a commission. Your affiliate partners take care of everything, from
    processing the order to delivery.

3. Market your own online business

You are now an online entrepreneur. Your next step is to market your new business. Here
are some ways:

  • Facebook Marketing – The social media is very influential. Your contacts are your
    first customers and they can spread the news about your business, too, and drive
    more customers to your online business. Promote your health business by posting
    about your products and link it to your website contents. Post videos, related news,
    features, and stories.
  • Content Marketing – Write blogs that are informative, helpful, and engaging. Share
    tips, advice, and reviews of products or services that are related to your niche. Post
    videos and other relevant materials.

The final step is to keep your market growing and become an expert in health niche that
you have chosen as your online business.


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